About us

Our mission is to build and develop the highest quality, best-in-class wine and spirits brands that create a valuable and lasting connection with consumers. We do this through teamwork, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and relentless perseverance. Our team thinks outside of the box and finds ways to obtain outstanding results through an entrepreneurial focus. The Davos Brands premium portfolio is currently composed of TYKU Sake.

Our Values

We operate with an uncompromising commitment to our moral & ethical values and let no obstacles prevent us from achieving our goals. We embrace new ideas and strive to create market-changing opportunities ahead of our competition. The Davos team members are recognized to be amongst the best performers in the industry. We operate in a collegiate, open-structure, with a focus on the long term prosperity of the business. We will not sacrifice long term success to meet a short term objective.

Our Brands

The Davos Brands premium portfolio is currently composed of TYKU Sake, consisting only of products demonstrating the highest standard of quality and innovation.


TYKU markets traditional, best-in-class Japanese Sake and Soju to today's modern consumers. Creating a trusted premium brand name in Sake & Asian Spirits, TYKU combines all natural ingredients, age-old Japanese techniques, award winning flavor profiles and innovative packaging to create the fastest growing sake portfolio and all natural low calorie Asian spirits. The current TYKU premium portfolio includes: TYKU Sake – Junmai, Junmai Ginjo, Junmai Daiginjo, Coconut Nigori & Cucumber Sake, and TYKU Low Calorie Asian Spirits — Citrus Liqueur and Soju.

Davos Brands

381 Park Ave South, Suite 1015, New York, NY 10016.